Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On The Mend

This has been an exhausting, concerning and expensive illness these last few weeks. We had Influenza A and a few kids had Strep Throat along with it. Dave and I being so sick and having all 5 kids down at the same time -- whew! Now that everyone is better I feel like I just ran a marathon -- exhausted but exhilerated that we're through the worst of this! I hear this has quite a long recovery, so we'll be easing into regular life.

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  1. And this is why I'm thinking about hibernating until spring comes. I had strep for the first time last April, and it was no fun. And that was just me. I can't imagine having all of us sick! And there's only four of US! LOL

    Oh, wait, if we hibernate until spring that means we'll have to stay indoors until what, MAY or JUNE at this rate???

    I'm sick of winter!!! LOL

    Glad you're all on the mend!!