Thursday, November 25, 2010


Meditating on who God is asking me to become, I reflect on motherhood. Christ's mother is my example and from her this is what I am grateful for...
The Annunciation
When the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she had been chosen -Luke 1:28
I am thankful for all the people who have helped me become this person God has molded me into today ... my sister, Sara Arnold / my sister Laura Arnold / my mom / my dad / my step-dad / my grandparents / my aunts and uncles / my cousins like Amy Gaerte / my husband / my children and all the people who helped along the path

The Visitation
When Mary rushed to help Elizabeth and was helped by her in return
I am thankful for all my friends who are sisters in Christ to me. These are women I would pour out my heart to. They are Mary to my Elizabeth and I pray that I would be such a blessing to them, in return. There are too many to mention, but I pray for God's blessings on Kerri / Cari/ Katie Elder / Stacy Gill / Patrice / Nancy Bequette / Kathy Fean / Ursula Rost / Tomara Kern /and many others

Our Savior's Birth
Through her body and willing soul we received the Gift of our Savior, himself, in the flesh, the Incarnation. Her willing spirit gave birth to HIM. -Luke 1:41-42
I am thankful for everyone who has served me ... my priests, The Franciscan Brothers Minor, Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, the checkout lady, the lady at Tom's Doughnuts, the man at the gas station, the person who lets me go ahead in line, my librarians, the workers who are out in the weather so I can have what I need. Most importantly my husband, Dave MacDonald, whose gift of service requires tremendous patience and whom I suffer a consistent lack of gratitude about.

The Presentation of Christ in the Temple
Obedience to religious authorities who didn't recognize holiness in their midst and obedience to civil authorities who could be cruel and unjust, Mary exhibited obedience above all. -Luke 2:22-23
I am thankful for all the soldiers who have died for our beautiful country. I am thankful for all the civil servants who try their best to serve with good will and the common good in mind. May God grant them His wisdom. May God bless me with obedience -- even though that feels yucky, sometimes.

Finding Jesus in the Temple
Mary's joy was mixed with torture as she lost, and found, her son.-Luke 2:46
I sorrowfully pray for those who are in the midst of torture that the Holy Spirit would comfort them; people whose family members are dying, parents who have lost their children to drugs, evil, abduction, death; children who have lost their parents to selfishness, war, death; those who are in the middle of violent situations like war, domestic abuse, gangs or abortion. I am thankful of all those who try to keep me from torture; policemen, firemen, medics, doctors, nurses, safety inspectors.

Thank you, thank you, thank you God, for giving me Christ's mother as my own at the cross (John 19: 25-27) and I pray to inherit her spirit of gratitude to You, Lord, for what You do and who You are to me.

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