Friday, October 29, 2010

Open Invitation to my friends

This is for Advent preparations -The way we did a Jesse Tree swap a few years ago, I'd like to do an O Antiphons Swap.

I'm slowly replacing my more cultural Christmas decorations with religious ones. I'd like to have these ornaments on a lighted garland on my stairway railing, so I'd like them all to "coordinate."

Let me know by Nov. 5, 2010 if you're interested. We'll swap them at the MNO at my house Nov 29th -- that should give you about 3 weeks to work on them.

Background information on the O Antiphons

printable coloring pages
meanings, verses & music of O Antiphons
a series of podcasts with reflections on each of the O Antiphons

PDF of O Antiphons Booklet Advent O Antiphons.pdf- if you tell your printer ("Print" "Properties" "Finishing") to print on both sides of the paper (click the box "print on both sides manually") then it will print in booklet form.

Other options you can do for your own family :

  • rectangle shapes (from whatever materials) like cards.
  • I've also seen blocks and you can make houses for the blocks.
  • Just for fun, here's one made into a wreath.
  • Another of bottle caps.

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