Wednesday, August 11, 2010

North Carolina Students forced to buy insurance for abortion



This fall, the North Carolina Board of Governors is requiring all students who are enrolled in a University of North Carolina (UNC) public institution to have health insurance. Read more here.
Students who do not already have private health insurance are required to buy a state selected policy from Pearce & Pearce Inc. This mandated policy covers up to $500 toward elective abortions and has 80% PPO coverage rate.

The Pearce & Pearce policy costs up to $750 per year or $375 a semester. The State of North Carolina will not be paying into the policy; rather, the students who purchase the insurance will be required to pay for the benefits. As a result, North Carolina students will be forced to pay for abortions, regardless of their personal views.

Paying for abortions should be not a pre-requisite to learning!

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