Monday, August 30, 2010

Jenn's Bucket List

I've been thinking of my "Bucket List," lately.

I don't know the people in the picture, it's just a kewl picture.

  • (My friend Stacy cured me of wanting to jump out of an airplane)
  • I'd like to learn to be a better kisser
  • I'd like reassurance that my kids will be ok (I know, trust in God. That's faith, I want assurance -- this is MY list, yours can have anything you'd like.)
  • I'd like to loose 8 sizes (I'm a women's 20 and I'd like to be a 12.)
  • I'd like to spend a week on a quiet beach with my husband and children
  • I'd like to make out on a beach (do you see a theme, here?)

  • I'd like to write a "How To" book for my kids to read (how to love, how to live...)

  • I definitely WANT to become a saint (I don't need canonization, just the reality of heaven.)

  • I think I might want to have another baby, but it's up to God (and Dave) and I'm not really sure I even want to but I might want to and the idea of another little girl sounds sooo sweeeet and all my girlfriends have been telling me all the things I made them swear they'd tell me during my last pregnancy for when I wanted another baby.

  • I'd like to go para-sailing

  • I'd like to learn to like cooking

  • I'd like to get more energy

  • Well, for that matter I'd like to learn to like cleaning, but really I have no desire to clean, EVER

  • I'd like to end abortion and have world peace, but I'm thinking those may not happen in my lifetime

Some of these seem in conflict (skinny, clean house & more energy vs. another baby) Just random thoughts...

What does your list look like?

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  1. I love this bucket list!! :) I especially like the end where you say that some of these seem "in conflict"...DEFINITELY the more energy and another baby. I laughed out loud...literally.