Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Canoeing on a Sunday afternoon

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon canoeing with the kids. (I had the easy kids, so mine was more relaxing. Dave had the rowdy 3 including the 2 yr old in his canoe -- less relaxing for him.)

We went to Trading Post Canoes up in Mongo, Indiana (wherever THAT is? like an hour away) and took the 4 mile trip. It took us around 2 hrs (when it was taking everyone else an hour), but we really enjoyed it. It was all of our kids' first time canoeing and my first time on a canoe trip (that I recall). It was pretty funny what a difficult time we had manoevering the boats until we got the hang of it. We thought it was funniest that the younger boys 8 & 10 (with the exception of the 2 year old) were pretty good at padding and more adept at manovering the canoe straight.

We'll have to do it again! Anyone want to join us next time?

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