Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday, Dd#1!!

She's smart and beautiful!
Spaghetti is her favorite food.
She loves truth and seeks God.
She's a peacemaker with a sharp wit.
She has a sense of humor that gets more irreverent (and fun) as she gets older.
Christ and His Church are her favorite subjects.
Someone referred to her as my right arm. That's fitting. She's the extra arms and legs helping and doing when I can only do so much.
She knows me so well, she sends me to bed for a nap and takes over when I'm running on fumes.
She loves me enough to remind me to put myself in time-out when I need one.
She sees me and I see her.
She's modest and wears it well.
She is so tender and loving with her siblings that even the dog treats her like one of the adults in the family rather than one of the kids.
Can she feel my appreciation for her efforts?
I can't imagine my life without her.
She's a comfort, like a warm blanket when it's cold.
She'a a joy, and spending time with her is becoming more and more fun.
Her smile is infectious and when she laughs I can't help but smile.
Her tastes are so similar to mine -- sometimes I forget she's not grown, yet.
Does she know how loved she is?
I always wondered if my children would want to be friends when they grew up. She's someone I would choose as a friend in a heartbeat!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful first-born gift from God.

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