Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Christmas List Ideas

The kids have already made their Christmas Lists. In case you're looking for ideas for your 7-13 year old boys / girls, here may be a "few".

13 G –
Borders Gift Certificate (or any bookstore or Hobby Lobby...)
Art set with chalk
Movies :
Historical Paper Dolls
Pretty Sleeper

11 G –
electric scooter
Lipsmackers (10 pack variety) Pop flavored or sour
Picnic dishes w/ basket
Emily Windsnap and the Monster in the Deep
Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist
Pretty sleeper (satin long sleeve & long pants)
Ella Enchanted
Hair accessories - brush, mirror, barrettes, head band (no pony tail holders)
Gift Certificate to Mall or Target

9 b -
rescue hero
Ice cream maker
Remote Control Car or Hellicopter
Star Wars episode 4
Checkers set

7 b –
Walkie talkie watch
Sprinkler or pool
rescue hero
Sleeper short set
Star wars sleepers
Star Wars Episode 2
Indoor exercise equipment for winter- chin-up bar, dollarstore jumpropes, hulahoop
Wii Remote
Wii Charger
The Littles’ books

2 b –
24months clothes
Play food
Pooh stuff : clothes/ sleeper / slippers / towel / figurines / dishes / toothbrush / toys / anything

boys together :
An Indian teepee you can really climb in
Ping pong ball shooter
Sword & Shield (an example is on Vision Forum)
Pop gun
Water Guns
Astronaut suit
Lone Ranger Movies
Civil War Dress-up Clothes, the blue guys
Cowboy Dress-up Clothes, we've already got Indian dress-up clothes
Superman sleeper & slippers
Superman Dress-up suit
Superman lunch box
Superman toothbrush
Giant Floor Puzzles
Peter can do 50 pc puzzles
Drew can do 100 pc puzzles
· Movies :
o The Aristocats
o The Great Mouse Detective
o Indiana Jones I (
Play bowling set
Modeling Sand for Indoor Sandbox
Basket ball & hoop
Toy boats for bathtub
Planet Frog Habitat
Warm fuzzy slippers
LEGO People - Community Workers Set (amazon.com)
Ultimate LEGO House Building Set (amazon.com)
Anything LEGO CITY kits: ambulance, hospital, airplane, airport, fire truck, fire department
LEGO Star Wars sets
Remote Control airplane (I have no idea how much these are)
Animals (ant farm, frog hatchery kit...)
Hand-Held Mixer (for shakes)
Snowball & snowbrick maker or 2 sleds (they all play outside together) w/ hot chocolate packets
Sturdy outdoor play equipment including
o Big climbing rope for swing set or tree
o Rope Ladder
o 2 Swings for the swingset
o Tire swing swivel
o Fireman’s pole
o pulleys for the tree
o zip line
* Tree house equipment

Family Gifts
· A Family Movie w/ micro popcorn, pop, etc.
o Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
o Bridge to Terebithia
o Superman 1 w/ Christopher Reves
o Wizard of Oz
o Spy Kids 2
o Music Man
o 12 Dancing Princess - honest, they ALL love this one...
o Peter Pan
o 101 Dalmatians – Disney cartoon original
o The Jungle Book – Disney cartoon
o The Librarian I

· Playmobil Knights Set(s)
· Playmobil Romans Set(s)
· Movies :
o Cars (K, E & P)
* Marshmallow Guns
* Tent with floor
* Christian Pop CD for their Karaoke Machine
* Snow Cone Maker
* Black Felt pictures to color
* Walkie Talkie Set

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