Monday, October 19, 2009

ACRL Banquet - Emma MacDonald

Having been helping with the banquet committee AND having Em sing AND having so much of my story in her song -- it was a really taxing evening for me. I was really happy how pretty the banquet turned out, though.

As soon as the banquet was over all my family got well and I caught it -- BUT I WAS SOOO THANK FUL that God kept me well until after the banquet!!

I am really proud of Emma and it was very cool seeing her melodramatic-larger-than-life personality that blows out the walls of our school, fit in lovely on stage in front of 700 people. It is so validating seeing the child I've prayed over more than any other and worried about and fought with and .... shine in her own right and see God's plan unfolding for her.

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