Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pencil Sharpeners...aaaaarrrgggghhhh!

Sing it with me, "Ohhhh Where oh where has my little sharpener gone, oh where oh where can it beeeeee?"

I'm just not willing to spend $70, $50, $25 or even $10 for another electric or manual pencil sharpener that my kids will break or that will break itself or that is "touchy" so that the kids can't use it (some can't have the pencil at any sort of angle but a right angle, some require a particular amount of pressure against the grinding mechanism--the kids just want to get it done).

I've been reduced to hand held pencil sharpeners and thought the loss in technical stature was a little demeaning.

After discovering The Pencil Revolution - that reviews hand held pencil sharpeners, I no longer feel demeaned, but liberated (a great thing to feel after the 4th of July).

I'm going to try the KUM this year ... from this site.

By the way, just for enjoyment sake, read this blog post - it's a pencil sharpener's review of a sharpener I haven't tried and it's HILARIOUS!!

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