Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Ready Are You To Start Next Year's School??

This was the question of a poll I participated in and here's my answer :

July 14th -- I'm as ready as I'll get, but that's not saying much! My books and planners are here and I've decided on some of our major projects for the year.

We're doing school part time through the summer to catch up from last year's pregnancy. It's been quite shocking -- we're almost caught up!! Somehow (reflecting on how much we didn't get done last year) I miscalculated how quickly we would get caught up. I wanted to be at 1492 in the fall, but didn't really expect us to get there until January or February. Lo and behold -- it looks like we'll be there by September. It's great! :) Except that I spend all my curriculum $$ on the middle ages and now school will start and I'll need more books! :(

Since I didn't really expect us to get here...I'm fairly clueless how I'll progress from here in history -- we're doing RC History and they don't have specific lesson plans for that time period, yet. I can fudge it, but we never cover things as completely when I fly by the seat of my pants.

So...I was ready, but now I'm not and actually I wasn't all that ready to begin with??? :~[

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  1. I can't decide if I'm ready to start or not. LOL

    We start on Aug. 13 when DH goes back to work (school teacher).

    I'll probably be ready for more of a routine then. We have NO routine to speak of in the summer!