Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Christmas Kitten

 "Timmy" is Will(7)'s Christmas present.  The cat was $10 through the SPCA -- we spent $50 on a cat carrier, food, litter, box, etc.  LOL.  Timmy is 11 weeks old, now. We got him the week before Christmas.  Will is THRILLED with his kitten. 

Will got a BIG dose of reality when the kitten came home from the SPCA with a slight cough and it developed into a massive respiratory infection. Will wasn't allowed to touch his very sick kitten for about 5 days (over Christmas) while the cat rested and struggled for breath. At 7, the sweetness of a new kitten is too much temptation to be careful with every touch, so we held the kitten, but gave Timmy space from his excited, loving owner. Every night we warned Will the kitten might not make it through the night and every morning we held our breath when Will went to see his kitten in the morning. Indiana kids -- just learning life on life's terms. 

Another $20 for bublegum amoxicillan (.5ml 3x/day -- apparently, there are 2 doses for cats: .5ml for kittens and 1ml for full grown cats.  Good to know next time.) But the antibiotic did the trick and Will and the kitten are getting to be friends.

Jenny is our 3yr old smooth-coated collie / yellow lab mix we got as a Christmas puppy 3 yrs ago.  I wanted a rowdy puppy to keep the boys interested - and that's what I got.  Jenny is freaked out when the kitten tries to cuddle up to her, but Jenny and Timmy are having more and more positive "moments" now that Timmy is perking up and getting interesting.
Will chose the most playful kitten in the shelter.  While Timmy was cuddly when ill, he's now showing his true nature - Timmy apparently likes coffee in the morning (mine). The kitten also likes attacking my laptop screen with a flying leap everytime the page changes. 

Will, prayed every night during the rosary for nine months for a new kitten. The day he got the kitten, he told God THANK YOU, and asked for a bunny.

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