Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do Something MEANINGFUL today -- this is one idea.

Read this. Then send $6 to my friend on the front lines. Many of you know, I open my house to help new homeschool moms get started. She opens her house to help mamas and babies LIVE. Read, then pray, then help.


Our lives can sometimes feel so overwhelming -- and sometimes they are.  These are the stories she hears every. day.  Making a genuine difference in someone's life can sometimes cost alot -- time, relationships, vulnerability, heart ache. This time, it's only $6.  That's not alot.

Very often we have to be so cautious to know where our donation dollars go.  Research.  Analysis.  Time.  Effort.  This time, though, we know where it goes.  

Are you a Mama?  A grandpa?  An aunt?  Wouldn't you give so much more than $6 to make sure the young mother in your life is safe along with her baby?  This is just $6.

If you decide not help Colleen, then help someone in your life.  THIS is what makes life meaningful.

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