Thursday, August 01, 2013

GF, DF, SF, etc.

So the girls are now Gluten Free & Dairy Free.  They're supposed to be Sugar Free, but we're not doing as fantastic a job at that part of it.  I'm allowing fruit & local honey -- but sometimes the sugar just seeps its way into their diet.

They're both doing sooooo much better on this diet than on anything else we've tried.  They are on the same diet for different reasons.

Em's (Dd#2) ADHD is doing so much better off sugar.  I think the GF & DF, just regulates more of the sugar and when she's already consuming sugar (in honey & fruit), the carbohydrates just turn to sugar in her body and make things worse.  She's got a few more weeks on this diet to see if it helps her tummy issues she's had since she was 4.

Kate's (Dd#1) body struggles to filter the toxins in our food and environment.  She spent her ENTIRE high school years very sick. It came on gradually since she was 13, but by the time she was 15 we knew she had a major problem that no doctor/specialist we saw could diagnose.  She had chronic fatigue to the extreme, major headaches, debilitating back aches, brain fogginess, personality changes, new allergies to soaps & mold -- the biggest symptom was her immune system was completely incapacitated -- and she was SUFFERING. As it's turned out, the sugars in our regular American diet, plus the GMO from gluten and the lack of live enzymes in pasteurized, homogenized dairy plus the chemicals in city water are not things her body can process. She also struggles to handle mold.  She's been DF for ~ 1 1/2 years, GF for ~6mo.  Now, we've taken her off EVERYTHING -- she's eating filtered water, nuts, vegetables & poultry -- that's it.  And for the first time in 4 years, she's starting to feel better.

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