Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hulk No Like

THANK YOU Emily Warren for taking babysitting Katie all afternoon immediately following her surgery while I was otherwise occupied!

THANK YOU Katie Woolsey for being the kind of woman to drop EVERYTHING the day of Grace's graduation with relatives from out of town to sit with Will and so accurately assess his wounds while you waited for me to get back from the pharmacy. 

THANK YOU Meredith Woolsey for being the kind of girl that boys want to be the Hulk for and then taking such good care of them after their antics lead to injury.

Will (5) was Trying to be the Hulk For the babysitter this morning and picked up the couch and dropped it on his toe. ~8 stitches, not broken. He "blew out" the toe. He'll be excited to get to wear flip flops to Mass this weekend. #Whenittrains…

A friend responded "Hulk no like!"

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