Monday, January 03, 2011

Peek into an online class - for FREE!

I've been asked what are the classes at Homeschool Connectons like? The answer is ...experience it for yourself!

We're signed up for Dd#1's Latin class and they have a new feature. A recording of a live interactive class!

Click here: Latin 1, Class 12 A recording of the class will begin shortly. This is just a peek. In a live class, there is also the ability to chat with the instructor and fellow students.

Spring classes begin THIS WEEK - here's a look at the live class offerings.

For subscribers of recorded classes, they also get all of the reading materials, tests, and more!

When we subscribe to the recorded classes, we'll get access to over 250 hours of classes plus all of the supporting materials (quizzes, answer keys, free texts, etc.). As an added bonus, we can access Aquinas Connections (adult) classes. [Anyone up for a virtual mom's bible study or philosophy class? We can listen to the class at our leisure (ha ha ha ha) and then have an MNO once a month or a skype discussion around it. Of course, we'll have to have snacks. ...Now I've gotten myself excited about something new! Who's interested???]

So anyway...back to the topic. You can Subscribe for only $1 for the first 7 days and then $30 per month. You subscribe for as long or as little as you need with no long term commitment.

This is a great opportunity for families looking for a firm understanding on subjects from Latin to Apologetics to Philosophy and so much more. Classes are taught by faithful Catholic professors and working professionals.

To subscribe, please click on the link to Homeschool Connections below.

Homeschool Connections Subscription Service

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