Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"I want go see Duh Bruders"

That's what my 2 year old tells me, "I want go see Duh Bruders."

Sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy..."IIIIIIII'm a Fransican Brothers Groupie. I fo-llow them where'ere they go."

Father David Mary Engo

changed the Mass schedule of the Brothers, so daily Mass is at 7:45am, and Thursdays it's still at 8:30am. That's TOTALLY do-able for us to get to Mass and get home to do school without taking up our whole day. I'm so excited. I told the kids that as part of our fasting and sacrifice for the 40 Days for Life, we'd try to make it to daily Mass. We've NEVER been able to accomplish that before (we've always been in the position with lots of little kids/babies). When Dave heard me telling the kids...he said he'd try to make it WITH US!! (I'm soooo excited!) 2 Days accomplished...38 to go.

My youngest is soooo bad (loud) in Mass! Those poor Brothers who just want to pray are sooooo sweet to my wiggly-rotten-typical-2 year old.

My bigger boys (8 & 10) just started server practice. Boys 3rd grade and up are welcome to be taught by Brother Lawrence (up in the tree) and Brother Leo. By the time they're done teaching my boys reverence for the Mass...I'm sure they'll have developed the patience of a saint!

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