Monday, June 08, 2009

In My Dreams - A perfect teacher's planner

It's become a quest. Organizing 4 kids in school/activities/chores plus keeping all my work straight in a mind that's getting more muddled with the years -- I keep thinking, "If only I could find the perfect planner."

I've researched others. There's some VERY good ones. But nothing perfect (it couldn't be because life isn't perfect, could it?)

In my dreams, my perfect planner would incorporate :

room to fit each kid in each subject in my planner
the kids chore list
room for lots of outside activities
more room in the language arts portion (because there's so many seperate subjects we do within that category - spelling, poetry, memorization, writing, handwriting, typing, reading AND grammar)
SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS (because kids sometimes have left-over work to do then!)
*saint and holy days as well as national holidays
a section for each of the kids' spelling words / vocabulary words / items they're supposed to be working on that I forget from day to day and kid to kid what they're working on
*the Sunday readings
*child-centered reflections on the Sunday readings
*periodic table

*These are all included in the nearly perfect planner from Creative Communications.

I've considered making my own, but I don't really like 3 ring binder and everytime I try to concieve of it - my mind gets more muddled...hmmm.....

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