Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As Lent Begins...

We've all decided what we're going to sacrifice - each child came up with their own. And what family and personal prayer we're going to add into our days plus Lenten Adventure...

I'm a little sad. I love Lent. But the schedule of prayer and fasting will preclude me from doing any crafty, cool activities for Lent that we've done to describe it to the little kids in the past. They mostly understand and don't need the crafty activities. Then, I know, that just doing life and adding these times of prayer and sacrifice will take God's grace to get me through. I know--that's the point--relying on God alone. But I also know how much of a struggle it is to do and how much I fail. Today is busy with activities and checking each other's foreheads to see whose ashes have wiped off -- but I'm very reflective, considering the burden that sacrifice brings...and hoping for the strenth of God to carry me.

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