Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crochet Wallet

I couldn't find a wallet to buy that fit just what I wanted :
  • compact as possible
  • spot for keys
  • cell phone holder
  • money & change pocket
  • plenty of space for credit cards
  • not ugly
So I looked around online and found some examples of some. Instead of using a pattern, I just used the ideas and made it up as I went along.

First of all, I wanted something pretty, so I used laminated holy cards for the front and back. I used a hole punch around the edge of the card and crocheted around it. I continued sewing across to double the size for the back side.

Then I flipped the front over and sewed a change pocket.
I tied this off and made a credit card pocket and divided it in half, tied it off and and set it aside.

I started on the cell phone holder as a seperate piece, which is the back side of the wallet the same way with a holy card and a hole punch. I only made this wide enough for my cell phone and then started making it into a rectangle box. The back of the box is the credit card pocket. (this view is of the depth of the cell phone holder compared with the front of the wallet.)

I attached the two pieces together and put a key chain in the stitches to clip my keys onto when I go out without my diaper bag.
The last picture is of the wallet open so you can see the front and back sides. I put a tie on it and have been tying it closed using the key chain, but I intend on buying a zipper to zipper the whole thing shut.


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Love the wallet :) Love your template also. springy :)

  2. Zenivia7:37 PM

    I think it is amazing and creative! I've known how to crochet since I was 12 and I've been around for a while! I've never seen anything like it!