Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Academic Rigor vs. Readiness

I read a TOS article [the link is at the end of this post] (I get their weekly e-mail and enjoy it very much) that I found very interesting and it required me to do a little soul searching.

Although I thought I couldn't teach Latin and was shaking in my boots about it (especially considering I'd never taken it), the kids are doing fine with it. I'm pleased. Am I pridefully pushing my kids? I was able to answer 'no'. I've seperated the girls in their pacing of Latin, even though it's more work for me, so one is moving faster than another and they soon will be in 2 different books.

Although I don't want my kids' school to be too hard, I also don't want them to think it's all fun and games. Do I give them the impression that school is all about fun? Or do I make it too difficult for them? I honestly think I'm ok in both areas, although there have been times in the last 6 years that I've had to adjust things because I found myself falling into one of these pitfalls.

Although I want my children to get the best education they can, I knew several people in highschool that pushed themselves to their limit and emotionally burned out at an early age.

It's all a balancing act (BALANCE is one of Dave's favorite words).

That's one of the things I like about classical education. My children have not all reached the stages at the same chronological age. Some have been in the transition between two stages much longer than others and all have different strengths in different subject areas.

Here is a great article about an interview with Susan Wise Bauer who wrote Story of the World that we use extensively in our homeschool.

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