Thursday, February 21, 2013

The 5 Year Old's Questions

Will is 5 and is desperately trying to figure life out. My mom is getting her marriage validated in the Church this weekend and Will has asked -- "If they're getting married on Sunday, what were they before?", "So now Grandma will be Catholic?", "How long after they're married will they start having kids?". When we told him all our family were coming to the Church he said, "The Pope is our family. Will he come to Grandma's wedding?"

Another day
 during Mass:

"How can He be the LAMB of God if He IS God?"
"What do the palms mean and why do WE wave them?"
"Why did the people change their minds about saying 'Hosana' and switch to 'Crucify Him'?"

...and then answer those questions with 5 year old vocabulary!

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